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The best of Spanish opera with soprano Beatriz Macias

Mexican-American soprano Beatriz Macias is quickly gaining momentum in her career as one of the most versatile figures in the scene of classical music. Already having established a successful international career as a professional flutist, Macias took a turn into the depths of opera, and even more precise – Spanish opera.

Macias has performed with symphony and chamber orchestras in Europe and the United States. Upcoming performances include recitals in Finland, The Netherlands and the United States with Finnish pianist Tuomas Nikkanen with “The best of Zarzuela!”. First recital of the season is on August 7, 2020 at the Iittala Summer Music Festival.

Macias’ Hispanic background fits perfectly with this exiting and dramatic art form: “Macias is like fire on stage, bringing Zarzuela to life with every note and gesture!”

Zarzuela is a Spanish lyric opera whose name derives from the Spanish word ‘Zarza’, which means blackberries. The genre of music was born in the 17th century in the Palacio de la Zarzuela, the residence of Spanish royalty whose courtyard grew blackberries. By the 19th century, Zarzuela had reached a peak in its popularity due to the many famous works composed by some of the best composers of this genre Ruperto Chapi and Tomás Bretón.