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The 1st edition of the Tampere Flute Fest is born. 

They say diamonds are made under pressure, and that is exactly how the 1st edition of the Tampere Flute Fest came to be. Just a couple of weeks ago, the Tampere Flute Fest became the first flute festival in the world to hold an event of such degree online. Offering a number of happening, among them masterclasses, recitals, interviews and a Young Artist Competition, the festival was viewed by over 3,000 people in 20 different countries in Europe, USA and Asia.

Initially scheduled to hold its inauguration at Tampere’s music school Pirkanmaan Musiikkiopisto, the festival was moved online to accommodate the newly and unwelcomed pandemic, not foreseeing the many other challenges ahead. Despite the extreme conditions it faced, adding to it a massive internet outage in Finland and a blockage from YouTube, the festival pressed on, leaving the flute community with an inspiring story of courage, great determination and passion.

“The creation of this festival had so many wonderful intentions and the idea inspired us to give the best of ourselves. The Tampere Flute Fest will take on new grounds for sure!” says internationally renowned flutist Silvia Careddu who was one of the biggest highlights of the festival. Careddu made an auspicious start to her career by winning unanimously the First Prize and the Audience Prize at the 56. Concours International de Musique de Genève before holding some of the most influential orchestral positions as Solo Flutist in Berlin and Vienna. Among the festival’s Guest Artists included Alexis Roman, newly appointed Solo Flute of the Finnish National Opera and Ballet Orchestra, Sarah Ouakrat, Solo Flute of the Dutch National Ballet Orchestra, Heili Rosin, First Prize Winner of the 2018 NFA Piccolo Competition, and Carlos Cano Escribá, Latin Grammy Nominee and Flute Professor at the Royal Conservatory of Madrid.

The festival’s distinguished artists and fearless ideas attracted many flute forums, such as the Flute360 Podcast and magazines like the Flute View and the National Flute Association’s The Flutist Quarterly. In an interview for one of the magazines, Beatriz Macias was asked to share about her new role as Artistic Director of the festival. 10 years into her career in Europe, Macias’ story is unique and one that brought her to Finland nearly four years ago.

“I’ve been a guest artist many times, but this is the first time I’ve acted as an Artistic Director. The title sounds fancy, but being a leader is not a mere position to fill in. It didn’t take long though before I knew that my many experiences had shaped and equipped me for this. At the same time, I can be an artist and a director. I can be a diva on stage and also put my ego aside. I’ve learned that real success lies in knowing when to separate the two.”

Both a flutist and a singer, Macias has established an international career as one of the most versatile figures in the scene of classical music. As a flutist, Macias has held the position of Solo Flute in the Luxembourg Chamber Orchestra and has performed with some of the top symphony, chamber, opera and ballet orchestras in the world, including the Frankfurt Radio Orchestra in Germany, the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra and the Dutch National Ballet Orchestra in the Netherlands, the Royal Opera House La Monnaie in Belgium, the Tampere Philharmonic Orchestra and the Finnish National Opera and Ballet Orchestra in Finland, the Birmingham Royal Ballet Orchestra in the UK, the Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra in Doha, the Opera national de Lorraine in France, among others.

Inspired by Finland’s cultural and educational values, the global perspective of the festival is to bring Finland to the world and the world to Finland. “The duty of an artist is to promote the highest standards of culture and the arts in the community, and embellishing it with their own experiences.” Thanks to the support of the Cultural Department of the City of Tampere as well as many great sponsors including BMusic Finland Artists and Events Management, Bluescreen404, Powell Flutes, Huilupiste, Fluterscooter, Flute360, Flute4u, Tampereen Musiikki, Royal Bakery Café, Terapiahuone Hetki and Ankaa, the festival was able to carry out its mission statement: Together opening doors of opportunity for young artists!

6 winners from Finland were proudly awarded at the festival’s 1st Young Artist Competition which took place via the web on Sunday, April 26, 2020. Competing in a final round against 16 flutists ages 6 to 30 from the USA, South Korea, Estonia and Russia, winners from Finland included Carolina Azzola (16), Seela Latonen (8), Eveliina Eloranta (11), Tommi Tang (8), Iida Helanterä (24) and Jannette Levan (21), winning the competition’s overall First Prize. “We were highly impressed by the amount of Finnish talent presented at the competition!” says Annaleena Jämsä, Solo Flutist of the Tampere Philharmonic Orchestra and the festival’s Competition Coordinator. Levan, a student of Petri Alanko at the Sibelius Academy of Music, is currently serving as Solo Flute Substitute in the Turku Philharmonic Orchestra. Her outstanding performance was awarded a festival’s cash prize, a wood Powell headjoint and the opportunity to be represented in recital by BMusic Finland Artists Management.

Throughout this festival we learned that preparation is essential and that sometimes even as much as we prepare uncertainties in life can happen. But we also learned that it is up to us to determine whether we’re going to fail or fly. Thanks to our encouraging sponsors and the support of the community, the Tampere Flute Fest has an exciting future ahead! Join us next April 23-25, 2021, for the festival’s first international convention at Scandinavia’s largest convention center Tampere-talo. The 3-day event will welcome flutists from around the world for a magical event!

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