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Johannes Malkamäki mentalist ONLINE! Show and minds are virtually united!

In the interactive performance, the magic of the mind moves online in both directions: the random decisions made by participants lead to tremendous coincidences in Johnnes’ studio, and the Johannes mentalist with his abilities to reach through the bit space to the the participants’ minds. In the show, you don’t only watch the magician performing tricks far on the other side of the screen, but you get to constantly influence the course of the show from your home couch!

Johannes presents virtual mentality both completely remote and with a small live audience in the studio. If there is an event in your company where a smaller group gathers and the rest watch the show at home, Johannes can run a show where both attendees and a home audience can get involved. In this case, the reactions of the studio audience are conveyed to everyone, and those who follow remotely are still able to control the course of the performance.