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Jukka Haavisto

Jukka Haavisto: Master of fretless bass, jazz fusion & world music fusion and improvisation.

 Jukka Haavisto is a new generation bassvirtuoso from Finland. He is a studio- and live musician who currently plays and performs with his newly established focusing on the upcoming release of his debut album and with many different directors, artists, and line-ups such as Jukka Haavisto Trio, Bossapoika, Beat, Bass & Bone, Heiskanen Bayatz Baharat, VENHA sekä Helsinki Headnod Convention. 

Haavisto studied at University of Stavanger, Institute of Music and Dance, and graduated as Master of Music Performance & jazz improvisation in 2016. Nowadays he is known for his fretless bass, jazz fusion, and world music fusion compositions, and skillful improvisations.

Jukka Haavisto is possible to order as an artist by himself or with his band, as a studio session musician, or to perform in concerts and tours across Finland, Scandinavia, and Europe. In addition to that, he can host private bass lessons at his studio or remotely via Zoom. 

Jukka is Aguilar Amplification, Soundtools, and Maruszczyk Instruments artist. His resume of previous collaboration partners includes a wide scale of musicians and composers such as Stein Inge Brækhus, Jouni Järvelä, Mikko Hassinen, Marouf Majidi, Mika Säily, Jarno E.J. Tikka, Marc Bernstein, Jussu Pöyhönen, Robin Methlie, and Johannes Ulveraker.