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Johannes Malkamäki


“Mind-blowing modern magic!”


Johannes Malkamäki combines magician’s dexterity to mentalist mind-blowing illusions. The end result is modern magic that doen’t understimate its audience.

Johannes performs on stage and up close.

The stage show is full of humor and entertaining moments. The performance has been tested by even the most skeptical audiences and it has entertained at hundreds of parties and events of Finland’s largest companies.

In close magic, Johannes entertains guests one company at a time, and offers an amazing performance under his own eyes. Close magic breaks the ice perfectly when the parties get to think about how the trick was done correctly. Close magic is great for example for meals or coffee, so there is no need to set aside time from the program. Humorous tricks feed the conversation and create an immediate atmosphere for the party.

Johannes hosts events in Finnish and English. He has a Master’s Degree in Biotechnology that gives him the scientific background needed to pilot even the most challenging expert events.