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Henrik Sandås

“In the hands of a skillful musician,
the bandoneon cries, sings, shouts,
and whispers hoarsely.
Sandås dominates his instrument
sovereignty and embraces the feelings
hidden behind the notes.”

Henrik Sandås and his bandoneon have their own unique place in today’s international music world.

Henrik Sandås’ holistic approach to music and talkative style has attracted the enthusiasm and appreciation of Europe and South America. He is one of the most sought-after tango Nuevo specialists in Finland, arranging music and orchestrating various compositions. Sandås has premiered works by Timothy Pagen, Øyvind Mæland, Markku Klami, Kirmo Lintinen, Jukka Linkola, Matti Laukkanen, Iikka Kotaja and Kari Ikonen.

Sandås has performed in Finland, Sweden, France, Hungary, Italy, Spain, Argentina, Uruguay, Latvia and Russia as an orchestra soloist and chamber musician with various bands. He has also appeared with UMO, Solti Chamber Orchestra, Turku Philharmonic Orchestra, Seinäjoki City Orchestra, Lappeenranta City Orchestra, Lapland Chamber Orchestra, Finnish National Opera Orchestra, Murmansk Philharmonic Orchestra, Lohja City Orchestra, Mikkeli Orchestra and Sinfonietta Lentua. Sandås has also performed at many international festivals in Finland and abroad such as Lux Musicae, Kuhmo Chamber Music, Korsholm Music Festival, Pyhäniemi Manor Concert Series, Buenos Aires Tango Festival, Flow Festival, Dias Nordicos, Brahe Classica, SibaFest, Jyväskylä Summer, Kamarikesä at the Knight’s Room, Ruska Swing and World Tango Festival.

Singers Grace Jones, Martin Alvarado, Patricio Arroyo, Daniel Bonilla-Torres, Jyrki Anttila, Juha Hostikka and Angelika Klas, violinists Elina Vähälä, Daniel Rowland and Antti Heermann, pianists Heini Kärkkäinen, Matilda Kärkkäinen and Henri Sigfridsson, bandoneonist-composer Marcelo Nisinman, conductor Patrick Gallois, guitarist Alberto Mesirca, clarinetist Lauri Sallinen, contrabassist Zoran Marcovic, jazz drummer Verneri Pohjola and Astoria and Artende string quartets have collaborated with Sandås.

Sandås plays bandoneon, built by Alfred Arnold in 1928.